Country Water Partership-Bénin

NGO, governed by the law of 1 July 1901, the Benin Country Water Partership-Bénin (PNE - Benin) is a platform for exchanges and consultation among water stakeholders. It is a member of the GWP and a national representation of the West African Water Partnership (GWP / AO). Its objective is to contribute to the fight against poverty and to sustainable development by actively working to ensure that IWRM is a concern freely shared by all Beninese and that it respects its principles in their activities that affect water resources. Our activities are based on: * Advocacy for IWRM * Mobilization of political will and collective consciousness * Establishment of dialogue in the field of water between different users * Facilitation of consultations and exchanges between the different categories of water actors in Benin * Organization of training, information, awareness-raising and educational workshops

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